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I am Paul Carpenter and I’ve had ME since 1987 (30 years) I’m now 53 and thanks to ME-Relief and a healthy life style I am the strongest, fittest and most active I’ve ever been, I try and play squash twice a week, cycle, walk my dog every day (see my activity on MapMyWalk) and enjoy varied social activities mainly through, worth checking out to meet new people and enjoy varied activities in your local area.

This website has been created to help other ME, CFS and Fibro-Myalgia sufferers find a better way of living with their condition.

Please explore this website to find out more about ME-Relief, how I discovered it and how I use it to fuel my recovery and help relieve all my symptoms or contact me using any of the methods described on the contact page with your specific questions or to provide feedback.

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I hope you decide to try ME-Relief and thank you for taking the time to look at my website, if you have any ideas or suggestions on improving this website, such as additional information which you would like available on the website them please let me know using the Feedback Form.

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Paul Carpenter

Fuel your Recovery and Regain control of your life with ME-Relief

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