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Man versus M.E. Wordpress Blog

I have had all the symptoms listed on the Home page, thankfully not all at the same time, but many of them severe, sometimes to the extent of paralysis in my left hand and wrist, very strange feel, I could feel sensation but I just couldn’t make my fingers move, it was like the signals just weren’t getting through.

In August 2006 4 months before my daughter was born on one of my reasonably good days, I woke up and I just decided I was going to sort this out, I started from scratch and looked at the problem as if it was just another computer problem to be solved.

Main issue fatigue, if I can just sort this one out first, I will have the energy and the time to sort the other issues out and I’m sure they are related - so looked on Google for information on the body’s energy systems, after reading a few articles, wikipedia had the most useful information, I came to the conclusion it was the aerobic, long term, energy cycle which needed some help, so I investigated products which would enhance and support the proper functioning of this energy cycle and found L-Glutamine to be the best and most readily available.

I ordered some L-Glutamine and a range of other amino acids and other products which I thought might help and eagerly awaited there arrival.

L-Glutamine once I started taking 9g a day 3x3g had an almost immediate effect on my energy levels and mental reasoning, many of the other symptoms remained in particular the pains, but now I had the energy and some of the thinking ability to continue the process of finding a treatment, after a few more weeks of investigation and experimenting and checking to make sure there were no harmful side effects I developed what is now ME-Relief.

Medical Opinion

Below I have included links to my completed NHS Pre-Clinic Questionnaire and report from Dr A O Reilly Specialist GP Cambridgeshire Adult CFS/ME Service about my condition and if you read Dr Reilly’s Opinion on Page 3 of the report it states: -

“We were very pleased to hear about his remission and certainly the suggestion is that CFS / ME might be due to some over activation at a cellular level of the mitochondria and depletion of ATP as a consequence and this may explain why he is having some benefit from the supplements.”

Download or open PDF files in another window: -

                Pre-Clinic Questionnaire                                 Report from Dr A O Reilly

What I can now do with the help of ME-Relief

ME-Relief has changed my life and I am able to function as if I do not have ME, in fact I am now the fittest, strongest and most active I have ever been in my life, because I feel so well I sometimes forget I have ME and almost don’t believe I ever did, but I am quickly reminded if I forget to take enough ME-Relief for the amount I’m doing.

I am in the process of renovating my house which I had previously struggled with for over 8 years, I am able to do all the work myself including bricklaying, roofing, tiling, plastering, plumbing and electrics - things I just couldn’t even contemplate in the past.

I am now well enough to look at expanding the computer support I provide currently for only 2 local businesses, but have decided to concentrate on this website and promoting the benefits of  ME-Relief.

Regain control of your life with ME-Relief

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Paul Carpenter

I have had ME since May 1987 when I was 23 - Initial onset was similar to flu but I never recovered, since that time I have had repeated relapses whenever I over worked Physically or Mentally.

Like many other ME sufferers I have been unable to remain in permanent employment and have had to become self-employed, fortunately I work in the Computer industry which caters for this extremely well.