Hi Paul,

First of all thank you for the very quick delivery. I cannot tell you or describe to you how I am feeling. I cannot thank you enough.

This ME relief has calmed my symptoms down to an extent where I can physically feel it.

For the first time in 6 yrs I have ever felt like this. My body fatigue seems to have gone less or gone, no back or shoulder aches.

My head feels much lighter compared to all the intense pain i had for so long. I cannot find any words to describe to you what i am feeling.

I am waking up with less severe headaches and I can open my eyes. This feels like a miracle.

Bearing in mind that I only began taking ME relief for 5 days. This really is a miracle.

I am however very scared at the same time. I don't know how to react to this new feeling. I don't want to waste or use my energy because I am afraid I will be in pain again so I am still resting.

I hope more and more sufferers come to know about this. It can help relieve painful symptoms big time.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


       ===============    M y    R e p l y   ================

Hi Ayesha,

I am very glad to hear how ME-Relief is helping you and pleased that you overcame your scepticism about such a simple and cheap product making so much difference - I will use your comments on my website to do as you hope and encourage other sufferers to try ME-Relief.

Regarding your fear about possibly feeling bad again, you may on occasion in the future have a few bad days but keep taking ME-Relief and perhaps increase the amount you take either with each dose or the frequency of the dose and you should recover quickly.

Even now I do have the occasional bad day but it normally has a cause such as over doing it, by drinking too much, exercising excessively, staying up too late, or when I have some other illness such as a cold or flu, and by taking extra ME-Relief, normally by taking an extra 1 or 2 doses a day I quickly recover.

Please remember ME-Relief is a treatment that supports your bodies own recovery and work with ME-Relief by eating healthily and increasing your activity level gradually and hopefully in time you may recover enough to not need ME-Relief all the time.

Thank you for your positive feedback, it encourages me to make more effort in promoting ME-Relief to other sufferers.

With kind regards,

Paul Carpenter

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