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Comments (10)

Johnny Brolly(Strabane, County Tyrone, UK)says...

I cant thank you enough the ME releif has given me my life back. No pains full night sleep. Ive been in pain for far too long and the fybro has ruined my life, but from here on in I start a fresh. Thanks Johnny

Beverley(Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK)says...

Hi Paul,

I have been too ill to work for 5 years, I've been unable to do my own house work also for about 5 years. I have put over 140lbs on, and My personality has changed. My grandchildren don't want to visit anymore because I'm grumpy and snappy. I have often felt like I'm being punished for something (maybe I was Ghengis Kahn in my last life). I seen your site and what you said about amino acids made sense to Me, and I liked that you'd kept you costs low by using plain packaging and offered trail packs. I could tell you were trying to genuinely help people and were not out to just make money off peoples misery. "Anyway" I have been taking ME-Relief for only 3 days, I take One level soon 3x day, and I feel positively perky! I feel great, I took my pit-bull for a walk last evening I walked straighter and quicker than I have for years. I can truly call your product a miracle. At 46 I thought I was gonna live maybe another 50 years as a crippled shadow of My former self but now I see light at the end of the tunnel.

A heart felt Thank you!!!

Wendy(March, Cambridgeshire, UK)says...

Hi Paul

Quick update: IT WORKS!!!

I think the best dosage for me is between 20 - 30g per day, still working on the final figure but I feel amazing!

I went with my husband to Surrey last weekend for a family get-together - his family have a party each September, there's usually between 15 - 20 people there. I've been there once since 2002, as I found the whole experience too tiring, too far to travel (and we were living in London until last year, so half the distance it is now!) too many people etc etc. This time, I needed just one short nap on the Sunday afternoon, and that evening I went swimming and did 15 lengths (again, something that's not happened for years!) Travelled back Monday evening (including walking from the station back to the house at the end of it all) and was not only able to get out of bed but was able to cook dinner the next day and amazed my husband (and myself!) by suddenly announcing that evening that I was going to take the dog for a walk! Oh, and Andrew's family all said they'd never known me so well, or so strong!

I feel fantastic, I'm starting to feel like the real me again, and it's all down to you and your magic powder. I'm now terrified that you'll suddenly stop selling it, as I really don't want to go back to how I've been feeling for the past 15+ years! So please don't ever stop - or if you do, please please please share the formula with me first so I can recreate it for myself!

Andrew's just mailing out an order to you for two more packs - I don't want to risk running out! It's another cheque I'm afraid - I'm going through a dispute with Paypal at the moment so can't use them. I don't know if it'd be more convenient for you if I did a direct bank transfer? If not, if you're happy with cheques we'll stick with that. Similarly, if you're going to be in March over the next week or so and it'd be more convenient for you to drop it off again, that'd be fine with me. Whatever suits you best.

But huge thanks again for developing this fantastic cure; can't help but wonder how it is that you've been able to hit on this yet ME Research with all the grants/other funding etc haven't managed anything like it... I suppose it's the difference between wanting to find a cure, and wanting to keep the funding coming in...sigh. You deserve a medal, anyway.

Best wishes

Wendy x

(Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire, UK)says...

Hi Wendy,

Glad you are feeling better and rest assured I have no intention of stopping the supply of ME-Relief any time soon!

Please remember ME-Relief is a treatment not a cure and you still have ME, it is still possible to over do things if you don't take enough ME-Relief at the right times, but I'm sure in time you will come to know when and how much to take according to your chosen activity level.

I usually take 12-15g daily, which I increase to 20-30g on days when I am physically active, for example I play squash twice a week and now also I run twice a week, I decided I need to improve my fitness level so I win at squash more often!

I hope you continue to improve and are able to do more and more.


Paul Carpenter

Fuel Your Recovery and Regain Control of Your Life with ME-Relief

(Hereford, Herefordshire, UK)says...

Dear Paul, This is just to say that each time my ME Relief arrives in the post, I find myself thinking I must write and thank you for the great service. And today, yet again, my ME Relief has just arrived, really quickly as usual. Totally reliable. Thank you so much! But also, quite apart from the speed with which you get ME Relief out to your grateful customers, I can't tell you the difference ME Relief has made to my life after seeing that single advert on the Guardian website page. My energy supplies are so much more steady and predictable. It means we can go on holiday and walk for a morning or afternoon without my husband being afraid I'm going to keel over, halfway home. (In the past, he sometimes had to leave me on the side of some country lane while he went and got the car in order to get me home after I had gone "fizzy" and unable to stand up. Not any more...) And I can work as a more-or-less full-time artist, exhibit in major shows, have a website, and be!

part of a network of local artists, without feeling like I'm on the verge of being an invalid, which is what my life was like before ME Relief. Thank you so much for that too! Kind regards, Ellie

(Hereford, Herefordshire, UK)says...

Dear Paul,

I came across your website completely by chance in January 2012, through a little advert on the Guardian website, when I was in deep despair. Although I am married to a very loving loyal husband, I knew that he was struggling very hard to cope with my ME. So I sent off for some ME Relief. Within a week, my taking it had made so much difference for both of us that I felt like it had probably saved my marriage.

I'm 61 and was diagnosed with ME in 2004, 3 years after leaving my job as a university lecturer on the grounds of ill health, which I now realise was ME. I was very very poorly with ME last Christmas, made much worse after suffering whiplash in a car accident in May 2011. The downward spiral in my health had been rapid and very frightening, especially because the illness made my demeanour and behaviour appear unpredictable to those who don't see me every day and can thus get a sense of just how debilitating ME really is. Most of what limited energy I had went into protecting the people around me from the reality of just how much pain and illness I was suffering. Because no solution seemed available, it didn't seem worth telling people just how ill I really was. But as soon as I tried to appear normal all day long for several days at Christmas, it suddenly became very clear to all!

And then I came across your website. And you will be glad to hear that taking ME Relief has made an enormous difference to me (and my husband!)

The most important thing is that it has enabled me to reassure my husband that life together is still possible and enjoyable; he's no longer anxious about whether

I shall at any minute suddenly keel over and need to lie down. I've been able to use the example of my eldest son's Type 1 Diabetes and his reliance on insulin four times a

day, as a way of representing the importance of ME Relief to me. Although missing one or more doses of ME Relief isn't immediately life-threatening in the same way that diabetes can be if a patient fails to take their insulin according to their needs, my husband understands the significance of the regular intake of insulin for my son, and so he can

appreciate what the four "shots" a day of ME Relief mean to me. It has made it possible for me to contemplate things like being away from home, which were either impossible or very difficult previously. I'm able to adapt according to circumstances, and use more or less depending on my activities; having a little tub of solution in my bag whenever we go out means my husband doesn't worry any more about whether my batteries are suddenly going to run out. And I can get on with my work as an artist/illustrator because I still have some energy left after tidying the breakfast things, washing up and shopping!

If you had told me this time last year that by October 2012 I would have had paintings accepted for exhibition by the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in London, and for two separate exhibitions by the Royal West of England Academy, I wouldn't have believed it. I simply wasn't well enough to hold a brush for much of last year. Thank you!!! And thank you very much indeed, Paul, for sharing the products of your own research with others!!! And very best wishes for your own health too.