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What to Expect when Taking ME-Relief


The first thing to expect within a few days of starting ME-Relief is your sleep should improve, and you will begin to wake in the mornings feeling refreshed, night sweats if you have these should also reduce over time.


Once you reach the normal dose of about 9-12g per day joint and muscle pains begin to subside and should be gone after a further 5 days.

Brain Fog

This should begin to reduce as your sleep improves and you will notice you are able to begin to think more clearly and concentrate better.


If you have been a long term sufferer then this may take more time to improve as your body is probably out of condition, you are not as fit as you used to be and maybe some years older than when you became ill. After about 10 days of taking ME-Relief try to resist the urge to sleep in the afternoons, this will help you sleep better at night.

We are all different and some of your symptoms will be different from me and other sufferers, ME-Relief may take longer to be effective for you, it is often helpful to keep a diary of how you feel as you take ME-Relief as this will be an aid in assessing your progress and whether ME-Relief is right for you.


Once you begin to feel the effects of ME-Relief and your symptoms are reduced you will probably feel like you can now do anything and you may start to do all those things you haven’t been able to do for the last few years. If so, please be careful you still have ME/CFS/Fibro and can still over do things, if you do overdo things don’t be concerned and think that the ME-Relief is no longer working, just rest for a few days maybe take an extra dose and you will be fine.


As we are all different and our activity levels vary each day you should adjust the amount of ME-Relief you take for your particular circumstances anywhere between 6 – 18g per day, at regular intervals throughout the day is best.

In some circumstances it takes longer for the beneficial effects of ME-Relief to start, if after finishing the Trial Pack you have felt some benefit but not the full effect it is worth continuing for at least another month.

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