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ME-Relief – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ME-Relief?

ME-Relief is a mixture of 3 amino acids L Glutamine, L Ornithine and Alpha Ketoglutarate - Amino Acids are essential to the proper functioning of the body and are the body’s main building blocks.

Is ME-Relief Safe?

The raw ingredients which make up ME-Relief have been available for many years and are classed as dietary supplements or food additives, they have been extensively tested and found to be completely safe in the quantities recommended up to 20g per day.

How does ME-Relief work?

L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body and is required by all muscle cells for proper functioning of the body’s energy system, L Glutamine is normally produced by the liver from food. In research L Glutamine supplements have been found to help support the body’s own energy production and immune system. Many athletes and body builders take amino acid supplements to help replenish the amino acids used up in training and L Glutamine is one of the most popular.

L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate is used in the liver to help in the production of L Glutamine and other important cell building blocks. Many ME and CFS sufferers have elevated Creatine levels which indicate higher than normal cell damage (catabolism – the breaking down of the body’s own cells to reclaim essential nutrients such as Glutamine) the combination of L Glutamine and L OAK help repair and build new cells and reduce cell breakdown, improve the functioning of the body’s immune system and energy system.

Why is CFSANDME.CO.UK selling ME-Relief?

As an ME sufferer myself I have spent many years and lots of money trying various treatments and remedies which had little or no effect, I tried to get medical professionals and the ME and CFS support groups interested in what I was taking but was dismissed as I have no medical background and there is still significant controversy over both the causes and effects of ME and CFS – is it physical? Is it psycho-social?

After many months of taking ME-Relief I decided it was time to find out if it could do the same for others as it has done for me – I looked around and couldn’t find anybody to supply the mix I wanted at a reasonable price, so I decided to provide it myself.

Other ME/CFS sufferers now take ME-Relief regularly and have found the same beneficial effect as I.

How quickly does ME-Relief work?

I and others have found ME-Relief had a significant benefit within 2 days I went from 5 days a week in bed to only 2 or 3 afternoons a week sleeping and had my first proper nights sleep the first day.

I started taking approximately 6g a day of ME-Relief. In the ‘How to Take ME-Relief’ instructions I recommend starting with only 3g a day and slowly increasing so the benefits may take a little longer but should be noticeable within 7 days.

How much ME-Relief should I take?

The amount you take is dependant on many factors, firstly how severely you are affected (more severe the more you will probably need), the muscle content of your body (more muscle more ME-Relief) and the amount of activity you do or want to do, again the more activity the more ME-Relief required.

Why haven’t I heard of ME-Relief before now?

ME-Relief has only been available since November 2007 when I first put up the CFSANDME.CO.UK website. I naively expected as Kevin Costner was told in the Film Field of Dreams ‘If you build it they will come’ and fully expected people to be knocking down my door to buy my product – I have been completely taken by surprise at the level of suspicion & scepticism with which I and my product are viewed.

How long will I need to take ME-Relief?

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to this question I have been taking ME-Relief since end of September 2006, at a rate of 10 - 12g per day and have been symptom free all that time.

What happens if I stop taking ME-Relief?

For me I find that after about 48hrs my symptoms start to return, firstly the pains normally in my feet or hands and gradually all the other symptoms by 72hrs I’m pretty much back in bed and at the same stage I was before I started taking ME-Relief, if I miss the odd amount during the day generally I don’t notice it too much. This is an improvement in that about a year ago if I missed an amount particularly at lunch time I would need to sleep in the afternoon for about 2hrs and if I stopped altogether all my symptoms would return within about 12-18hrs.

What symptoms does ME-Relief Relieve?

ME-Relief helps relieve all symptoms associated with ME/CFS in addition uses users have reported flaky skin conditions have cleared up and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) has been eliminated. I’ve also found that I no longer get hangovers, not that I am suggesting that anybody should use ME-Relief as a hangover cure.

I can now think clearly the brain fog has been lifted - I still get the occasional sore throat and some twinges of pain and like most people I get tired if I stay up late, drink too much or eat junk, but now I know as long as I keep taking ME-Relief, I can do all these things and I will feel fine the next day. I’ve even started exercising regularly 30 mins on a cross trainer 3 times a week, play a full round of golf normally once a week, walk my dog for miles anytime I want and now I’m even motivated enough to restart renovating my house, including plastering, plumbing, tiling and even moving doorways.

Why are you now offering pure L-Glutamine?

A few CFS & ME sufferers have digestion problems and find the ME-Relief mix can cause upset stomach, pure L-Glutamine is less likely to cause these problems and may improve the functioning of the gut and the lining of the colon to the extent that digestion problems are very much reduced. ME-Relief is more effective at helping to relieve all ME/CFS symptoms and after a few days or a couple of weeks of L-Glutamine the functioning of the gut is generally improved enough that ME-Relief can then be taken along side L-Glutamine slowing increasing the amount of ME-Relief and reducing the L-Glutamine until ME-Relief can be taken on its own.

Can ME-Relief or L-Glutamine be pre-mixed in liquid?

Yes either ME-Relief or L-Glutamine can be pre-mixed with some water or even fruit juice, water and Ice in a flask, I do this when I play golf (it takes about 4 hours to do 18 holes, but not because I'm slow, it's the people I play with) and drink it as I'm walking round, but the effect may be slightly reduced by pre-mixing and it is important to keep the mixture cool.

I’m taking ME-Relief but I still get tired, why?

Everybody gets tired, particularly if you are doing a stressful job or one which involves concentration or sitting at a desk all day, try moving around during the day. I work at a computer screen a lot during my day so every half hour I get up and walk around or do some stretching exercises or go out for a walk or just do something else for a while, I usually go to the driving range or the shops, just to walk around get some fresh air change my environment.

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