Dear Paul

 I thought i would write to you about my experience with Merelief


I have been diagnosed with CfS/ME July 2007, although took along time to get diagnosis. I started with throat infections every three weeks from Nov 2005 to june 2006.From then till now i have suffered with all the symptoms of CFS/ME since.


At present i am a single mother, which is my motivation to get out of bed ( thankfully) and have reduced my daily functioning by a good 60% over the last couple of years, working only two days a week at present.


I came across your website when looking for research on CFS/ME, i thought i would give it a try. I, myself am a healthcare professional, so luckily have a lot of general knowledge to help understand my illness. I spent a long time researching the ingredients of your formula and read your website several times before taking the MErelief. I was very sceptical at first, and just to help my scepticism my friend informed me that the MErelief smelt like curry powder and looked like fine flour and told me to be careful as, i quote, he said " you never know what your buying online".


Well.......... I started taking Merelief on Tuesday 27th May 2007. I started with the 1g dose three times a day few first two days, then increased to 3g three times a day, which i have remained on till today.


 Didn't notice any difference till friday, when i got up with hardly any pain in my lower limbs and managed to go half a day before taking my opiate based pain relieve ( i had been taking them first thing just to get out of bed to take my son to school. By sunday 1st June i had no symptoms all day. However i forgot to take Merelief sun, twice and had a busy day,today i woke with flu like symptoms, fatigue, tender lymph nodes, headache,thermostatic instability, disorientation, perceptual and sensory disturbances, abdominal cramps and pains and extreme pain in lower limbs. Basically all my symptoms returned over night.

I have today decided to carry on with 3g three times a day until my free sample runs out. I intend to then go without Merelief again for a few days to test out whether it really works or my symptoms are purely psychosomatic. Fingers crossed.

Kind Regards


And 10 days later

Dear Paul

Please feel free to use my comments.

My last dose of ME-Relief was taken Wednesday lunch time. Yesterday i needed a sleep in the afternoon and this morning i have every symptom back.

I have well and truly overcome my scepticism. Me-Relief has allowed me to function again, lift my mood and take care of my son properly, of which i am grateful.

Many Thanks