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How to take ME-Relief & L-Glutamine

ME-Relief or L-Glutamine is best taken in small amounts throughout the day to maintain its effectiveness.

ME-Relief or L-Glutamine comes in the form of a white powder and is taken mixed with cold liquid (small glass 100-200 ml) such as water or fruit juice, ME-Relief has a slightly salty taste, whereas L-Glutamine has little or no taste. (Do not mix in hot drinks)

Take ME-Relief or L-Glutamine powders evenly spaced during the day, at or just before mealtimes is best, on an empty stomach for quick absorption or with a little food (Carbohydrate) if you experience stomach upset.

Take an optional dose of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine at least 30 minutes before bed, to help with sleep and reduce night sweats.

The amount of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine appropriate to each CFS/ME sufferer is dependent on the severity of the illness, the muscle content of your body and your activity level.

As a sufferer of CFS/ME you will need to find the amount appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Use the measuring spoon provided and the pictures below to judge the amount of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine powder to take.


               Level Spoon 1g                                     Normal spoon 2g                                 Heaped Spoon 3g

Do not be overly concerned with taking exactly the right amount of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine, take the amount appropriate for you.

Build up the amount of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine you take gradually starting with 1g 3 times a day until you reach the amount appropriate for you when your symptoms have reduced or are under control. Not recommended you exceed 40g per day.

The suggested amount appropriate to an average male with severe symptoms is 10g per day taken in equal amounts during the day 4 x 2.5g taken at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and finally 30 minutes before bed.

You may find it helpful to vary the amount you take depending on your level of activity. i.e. Take slightly more or an extra dose of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine on particularly busy and active days, take less on less active days, you may also find it beneficial to increase the amount consumed during periods of illness such as colds and flu.

Having extensively researched the ingredients I have found no information to indicate any harmful effects of taking these powders either short term or long term as long as the maximum dose is not exceeded for prolonged periods.

If doses of 20g per day are taken over a prolonged period diarrhoea can result, this usually passes as soon as the dose is reduced.

As time goes on and you are feeling better try slowly reducing the amount you take and see if the symptoms return, the hope is that over time it should be possible to reduce the need for ME-Relief or L-Glutamine entirely or reduce to the point of occasional use for short periods only.

The quantity provided in the Starter pack and the monthly refill of ME-Relief and L-Glutamine is 350g, this is sufficient for one months supply for an average male with severe symptoms taking 10 - 12g per day.

ME-Relief is a combination of 3 Amino Acids L Glutamine, L Ornithine and Alpha Ketoglutarate and is effective in reducing all ME/CFS symptoms.

ME-Relief(LG) is pure L Glutamine only and is available for those who find the original ME-Relief causes an upset stomach, it is less effective than ME-Relief.

L Glutamine is regularly taken by athletes and bodybuilders to increase stamina, improve immune system function and maximise the benefits of training and exercise.

L Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate also known as OAK is regularly prescribed in French hospitals for patients recovering from operations as it has been found to reduce recovery time and increase the rate of wound healing, it is also now being used to treat alcoholics as it improves liver function.

The regular use of ME-Relief, a combination of these Amino Acids, has significantly reduced all ME associated symptoms completely, for me and other ME/CFS sufferers, it could do the same for you.

Precautions / Recommendations

Before taking any product it is recommended you seek medical advice to assess its suitability for you.

On first taking some people experience a slight upset stomach, this should pass within a couple of days, discontinue use if not resolved within 3 days, try again after a further 3 days – contact me for further advice if problem persists - If experiencing severe upset stomach including cramps and diarrhoea discontinue use, you may find pure L-Glutamine more easy to tolerate but it is less effective.

ME-Relief or L-Glutamine are currently only recommended for adults.

ME-Relief or L-Glutamine are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Store ME-Relief or L-Glutamine in a cool dry place below 25C out of sunlight.

Do not take ME-Relief or L-Glutamine in warm or hot drinks – heat reduces the effectiveness and can cause adverse reaction.

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