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Effects of taking ME-Relief

(Updated Wednesday, December 7, 2016)

Most people report report the following benefits of benefits

ME-Relief is best taken in small amounts throughout the day to maintain its effectiveness.

ME-Relief or L-Glutamine comes in the form of a white powder and is taken mixed with cold liquid (small glass 100-200ml) such as water or fruit juice, ME-Relief has a slightly salty taste, whereas L-Glutamine has little or no taste. (Do not mix in hot drinks)

Take ME-Relief or L-Glutamine powders evenly spaced during the day, at or just before mealtimes is best, on an empty stomach for quick absorption or with a little food (Carbohydrate) if you experience stomach upset.

Take an optional dose of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine at least 30 minutes before bed, to help with sleep and reduce night sweats.

The amount of ME-Relief or L-Glutamine appropriate to each CFS/ME sufferer is dependent on the severity of the illness, the muscle content of your body and your activity level.

As a sufferer of CFS/ME you will need to find the amount appropriate for your individual circumstances.

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