Hi Paul

I received my ME RELIEF pack at the weekend and been on 4 glasses a day since Sunday, i just wanted to say that i haven't had to have my several day sleeps the last two days, my pains are now dull  and feeling a little better all the time. I have just a level spoon full in each glass.

If this is the M.E RELIEF working then oh my its got a wow factor, I've been almost bed ridden especially the last 6 months since i had a hysterectomy and been rushed in and out of hospital several times in that last 6 months with severe pain around my kidneys area,this pain they tell me is neurological, and to be honest its felt like i was never going to feel any better again. I don't know if its my head because i was so impressed with your site or it really is working but thankyou! and if its just these two days of relief then thankyou for the best two days I've had in years health wise.

Thankyou again


Dear Paul,

          well i just wanted to update you on how i am feeling now. Much different again from the last time i emailed you. I feel fantastic !!!! the odd twinge but that i can live with and i haven't been on it for quite two weeks yet. I just wanted to tell you what i have managed to do since i started your m.e relief. My house has been cleaned from top to bottom and i mean every room gutted, i am redecorating !! i have managed to even have a mess around with my kids, and do you know what the best thing is i laugh again and really enjoy laughing its not painful and it doesn't wear me out anymore.

 Thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!!

my husband has just ordered me my next lot so i'm looking forward to carrying on like this.

I am told by all my friends how great i am looking this week, and i can even be bothered to put make up on now :), i'm so excited about this so i'm sorry for going on a bit.

I will keep letting you know and i will keep recommending this product!!!!!

Thankyou again and you are welcome to use any of my emails for your site.

Regards Sharon