Regain Control of Your Life with ME-Relief

ME-Relief Trial Pack

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ME-Relief is Simple, Safe, Fast and Effective - Fuel Your Recovery and Regain Control of Your Life with ME-Relief

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Trial Packs

Man versus M.E. Wordpress Blog Trial Packs (Introductory offer - Available to first-time buyers only)

Trial Packs are only available to new customers if you have already had your Trial pack,

please order a refill or starter pack.

Order through PayPal's secure online system using credit, debit card or PayPal account.

Trial Packs - Consist of 2-3 weeks supply (170g) of

ME-Relief or Pure L-Glutamine

(Enough for you to assess the effectiveness for you)

Supplied in a re-sealable polythene bag, includes ‘How to Take

ME-Relief’ instructions and a measuring spoon, all packaged

 in  a padded envelope designed to fit through your letterbox.

(no need to be in, or open the door to accept delivery)

ME-Relief is a combination of 3 Amino Acids L Glutamine, L Ornithine and Alpha Ketoglutarate and helps relieve all ME/CFS symptoms.

L-Glutamine is available for those who find the original ME-Relief causes an upset stomach, it is less effective than ME-Relief.

Be sure you know what works best for you!

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UK Postcode Delivery areas include England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Republic of Ireland is outside the UK please use EU Prices as postage is higher.

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ME-Relief & L-Glutamine



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