100% school attendance, is this good?

Last Friday my daughter Libby, she’s 11 in her last year at primary school, got a certificate for 100% attendance since the beginning of the school year September 2017, her mother Sarah thought this was more significant than Libby, who wasn’t really that bothered, or so she says!

My reaction was less impressed as I take issue with the Government and the education system fining parents if they take their child out of school without permission, absolutely ridiculous in my opinion and quite frankly counter productive.

Yesterday as usual I went to look after Libby and feed her after school while Sarah (her mother) goes out, is home later from work, does something, who knows, who cares. I do this every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, on this occasion Libby was home off school as she was unwell with a cold, ironic now her 100% attendance is ruined.

Libby is back at school today, her choice but encouraged by Sarah, now is this a good, as someone with M.E. who potentially developed it as a result of pushing myself and continuing to work when I had a cold or flu, I’m not so sure this was the right thing to do, not just for Libby but for anybody, child or adult and is the emphasis by schools on attendance adding to the pressure on both children and parents to return to school before they have fully recovered, in addition is this also helping to spread illness to other children or exacerbate illness!

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