Cereal makes me tired!

Recently I was tired most of the day and found myself sleeping in the afternoon / evening for a couple of hours and didn’t know why, I was concerned that the new delivery of protein powder was less effective than previously.

So I started looking at what was different in my life, my behavior that could account for my recent fatigue, something I WAS NOT USED TO!

Well the answer was very simple I had changed what I was eating for breakfast, I had started eating cereal, specifically Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (and they are as the advert says Very, Very Tasty) and Crownfield Corn Flakes with Honey & Peanuts from Lidl.

Now I also eat and have done for some years now a lot of nuts, Pistachio, Cashew, Peanuts with no apparent ill effects, so I don’t think it’s the nuts, I’ve also kept bees in the past (no more as have become increasingly sensitive to bee stings) and eaten quite a lot of honey, I still have it on toast occasionally, so don’t think it is the honey causing the recent fatigue.

So what is left; the corn, the processing, other ingredients or a combination?

So to Google search “some foods make me tired” and found lots of information and then remembered I also have seedless raisins and usually a banana with the cereal and Chocolate Pillows again from Lidl (I like Lidl as I’m not bothered about buying brands and I park in their car park when I go to the post office in March, Cambridgeshire) so quite a combination for breakfast recently, and of course milk, just for the last couple of weeks or so, not the milk the breakfast cereal combination, I drink milk and eat lots of dairy all the time and always have done, with no apparent ill effects.

It appears that being somewhat tired after eating is normal and could be due to a rise blood sugar levels followed by a slump or increases in serotonin in the brain due to the amino acid tryptophan present in some high protein foods like turkey.

It’s been 2 days without high sugar breakfast cereal, I’m now eating either wholemeal bread toasted with peanut butter, hummus, scrambled eats beans or porridge and so far haven’t been tired enough to require a sleep in the afternoon or evening and of course I’m taking 3-4g ME-Relief 4 times daily to relieve all my ME symptoms.