When to Push Yourself

After having ME for a while months or even years you are probably reluctant to push yourself and without the help of ME-Relief you would be absolutely right not to!

After taking ME-Relief for a few weeks you will find that your resilience and capacity is very much increased

The only way to know what you are now capable of, and I understand you may be cautious or reluctant, is to try, to push yourself beyond your previous limits, for some people this is easy and they just carry on as if they don’t have ME, I am one of those, but occasionally I get caught out and end up having to rest for a day or two, but I think this is okay I live with that, as long as I remember when I am not good to keep taking ME-Relief and that this is just temporary I will soon be fine again.

Initially Great with ME-Relief, Now Tired!

I’ve had feedback from several people about how they feel great when they first start taking ME-Relief and then after about a week or 2 they crash (their description) and want to know is this normal, why has this happened and what to do about it.

Is it normal?

Well it is not the norm but as this has happened to several people it is normal for some people.

Why does this happen?

That is more difficult to answer, it seems to me the most likely cause is that after several months or even years of little or no physical activity followed by a few days of activity, because you are now feeling better, just takes time for your body to adjust.  Remember after only a week or 2 you still have ME, ME-Relief is a treatment not a cure, its function is to help you recover and to provide extra energy, put you back in the normal energy range while you recover, there will be times when you will over do things or when you are affected by something else a cold, flu or stress, when some of your ME symptoms will return, but with ME-Relief those times will be less often and last less time than before.

What can you do about when you don’t feel so good?

Keep taking the powder perhaps increase a little, instead of 3 times daily 4 or even 5 times, listen to your body and over time, it will let you know when you need to take more or less ME-Relief and when you can push yourself and when you can’t . GET (Graded Exercise Therapy) usually I would not recommend this for somebody with ME, most studies have shown this can be harmful, but with the help of ME-Relief as you start to feel stronger and more confident in your abilities, increasing your level of exercise gradually will help you to feel better both physically and psychologically, and will make you more resilient and more able physical as you recover.


Other things to try!

Vitamins – C, D, B Complex, Zinc & B12

In addition to ME-Relief I have taken vitamin supplements at times when I
have a cold or something else which causes my ME symptoms to return, Vitamin
C, D, B Complex, B12 and Zinc of these I believe the most beneficial for
fatigue has been the B12.

I generally buy B12 from Amazon as they don’t seem to be available in
supermarkets, but may be available from a chemist or health food shop – also
I have heard other people get B12 injections from their GP – but I haven’t.

Gel Ice Pack Back of neck

The other thing that seems to help particularly with brain fog and when I
feel disconnected from my body is a gel ice pack on the back of my neck for
a few minutes at a time, but wrapped in a thin cloth rather than direct as
it could cause ice burns!

I hope these suggestions help.

Why me or is that M.E.

I’ve contemplated writing a blog for some time now, about 8 years, I don’t like to rush some things, but write about what?

There are enough ME blogs out there describing what sufferers can’t do and their symptoms, how hard things are for them, how they are misunderstood and neglected by the medical profession, government etc – but I don’t feel that way, I get on with my life and quite frankly I’m lucky I have a great life.

I work, earn enough money to live and even enjoy my life, but it wasn’t always that way, I was bad sleeping 5 days a weeks, not leaving the house, unable to function normally, in constant pain, unable to think clearly, but that all changed about 9 years ago.

It was September 2006 I woke up feeling unusually good and determined to take back control, I had to, my partner at the time was 6 months pregnant and something needed to change.