Why me or is that M.E.

I’ve contemplated writing a blog for some time now, about 8 years, I don’t like to rush some things, but write about what?

There are enough ME blogs out there describing what sufferers can’t do and their symptoms, how hard things are for them, how they are misunderstood and neglected by the medical profession, government etc – but I don’t feel that way, I get on with my life and quite frankly I’m lucky I have a great life.

I work, earn enough money to live and even enjoy my life, but it wasn’t always that way, I was bad sleeping 5 days a weeks, not leaving the house, unable to function normally, in constant pain, unable to think clearly, but that all changed about 9 years ago.

It was September 2006 I woke up feeling unusually good and determined to take back control, I had to, my partner at the time was 6 months pregnant and something needed to change.

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