Magic Morning (Effective Morning)

Starting your days right can have a significant impact on the rest of your day, week, month, year, the rest of your life, this is why mornings, or whenever you get up; morning is best, are so important.

I recently saw some YouTube videos about the “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod (his name always makes me think of Ron L Hubbard – Church of Scientology and Dune fame) he has also written a book but to my knowledge hasn’t started a cult, well not yet anyway.

I thought the idea the basic concept was good but I didn’t agree with everything he had to say and all his morning practices, I particularly got bored and skipped ahead when he started talking about his car accident when he was young and doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again (personally I’m not convinced it’s completely true, but I have no way of checking).

The basic idea is that you should get up early, he is recommending 04:00, but never appears to talk about going to bed early, he seems to imply you don’t need 8 hours sleep and can get used to 5, I completely disagree with this for anybody and particular for us with M E. Once up you go through a sequence of activities which he has created an acronym S.A.V.E.R.S (most self help books seem to like or at least have some kind of acronym to live your life by).

S – Silence, Meditation or Prayer.

A – Affirmations.

V – Visualizations

E – Exercise

R – Reading which I also think could be Research.

S – Scribing or Journal writing
(according to WordPress dictionary ‘Scribing’ is not a valid word?)

So you get up early every morning and you go through this routine and that is supposed to set you up to have a great, effective, fulfilling day – marvelous, and yes I think it probably would help quite a lot, so I thought as this is the beginning of a New Year and a New Me (or is that M E) I would devise my own, with its very own Acronym GM7SBMGRTG as follows: –

Get Up


7 Minute Exercise

Shower – Get Dressed



Gratitude or Gratefulness

Reflection – On previous Day, Week, Month Year (you can write it down or not, whatever works for you, I don’t – I look at my To Do List, for the previous day)

To Do List

Get Started

I feel my ‘Magic Morning’ might need some work before I can put it forward as something to rival Hals ‘Miracle Morning’, especially the acronym, it just doesn’t role off the tongue and might be a bit tricky to remember, but hopefully you get the idea!

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