Sensitive Stomach how to repair IBS (Leaky Gut)

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) also associated with Leaky Gut.

Using the Combined L Glutamine and ME-Relief Trial Packs to help reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Start with Pure L Glutamine and build up gradually starting with half a level teaspoon or level small end of the double ended measuring spoon provided, twice a day, in the morning with food and in the evening again with food, whatever food you prefer as long as it’s not hot, feedback from other sufferers indicates that yogurt works well and the L Glutamine can be mixed in, alternatively take with a small amount of water, L Glutamine does not dissolve immediately, just enough water to swirl and then drink.

Assuming not adverse reaction increase the amount you are taking gradually, so on day 2 take 3 doses (Morning, Lunch & Tea), day 3 take 4 doses (Morning, Lunch, Tea and just before bed). Then gradually increase the size of the doses until you are taking about 12 – 15g per day (4 std large end of the measuring spoon or a heaped teaspoon)

After about 7 – 10 days when you have reached the standard 12-15g you can start to introduce ME-Relief as a replacement of one of your doses, then 2 then 3 and finally all 4 doses, how quickly you do this is up to you, some people find they get an upset stomach when they start taking ME-Relief, this usually passes within a couple of days, I recommend you do not increase the amount of ME-Relief during this time.

If the upset stomach continues beyond 2 days go back to just L Glutamine and try to include the ME-Relief again after 4-5 days of just L Glutamine. Some people take longer for their gut to heal before they can tolerate ME-Relief without adverse side effects.

Once you are on ME-Relief continue with this for full symptom relief, the remaining L Glutamine can be discarded or used up by taking it in addition to the 4 ME-Relief doses.

How Much ME-Relief Do You Need

It varies with each individual some people only take as little as 2g daily while others take as much as 30g daily, personally I vary the amount I take depending on both my physical and mental activities, for example I usually take about 15-20g per day, I play squash twice a week and on those days I take extra, I put 2 heaped big end spoonfuls (about 8g) in my drinks bottle and consume this during the game.


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