Exercise Walking


I’ve been using the free version of this app for about 4 years to track my walking mainly with my dog Ruxley a black and white pointer cross with probably a beagle, can’t be sure as he is a rescue dog from Greece, which my parents got originally, but found him difficult as he runs off for hours chasing scents and birds and just won’t respond. Fortunately I have seven acres of land surrounded by more fields and only 10 properties down my 3 mile long road, so little traffic and therefore reasonably safe for Ruxley to run off, until I put up a fence, which he really didn’t like.

Ruxley doesn’t bark he howls and he used to go through the hedge on the left-hand  side of my land out to the rest of the fields surrounding me, but after I put up the fence and let him out for the first time he was not impressed, he went to where he usually got out and couldn’t, he tried a few other places and then came up to me and howled at me.

I use MapMyWalk most days and used to walk at Rings End Nature reserve and opposite WhiteMoor prison about 4-5k but now after clearing a track round my land about 0.6k walk, which I initially did when I tried to do C25K (Couch to 5K) another app last year.

MapMyWalk has some good features using the phones inbuilt GPS to create a map of where you are walking and therefore work out the distance which seems to be reasonably accurate, it also records pace, calories burned, heart rate if you have a compatible monitor, average pace and split pace. Once you complete your walk you have the option of posting to twitter and facebook, both of which I do see links below.

I try at least once a year to do some fairly long walks and have completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge in just under 12 hours about 29K and 3 peaks of at least 1000ft elevation. I’ve also done the PathFinder march here in Cambridgeshire which is 46 miles (about 74K) in a day starting at about 05:00 and finishing about 21:00, hoping to do this one again June 2018.

Link to my profile on MapMyWalk