Why am I tired today!

So I am tired today, but no other M.E. symptoms, I’ve been taking ME-Relief as normal, so why; is this normal?

There are many potential reasons, it’s Tuesday and yesterday I played a fairly hard game of squash, I try and play twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, I also didn’t sleep that well, was woken up and kept awake from about 04:00 Monday morning by the wind and Ruxley (black & white, pointer beagle cross) who was restless running up and down the stairs because of the wind.

After squash I emptied my car trailer of about 10 large (5 x 9ft & 4inches thick) sheets of polystyrene¬† as I was collecting a fridge freezer and guttering that afternoon, in addition before I could empty the trailer I had to replace the battery in the ride on lawnmower, I use the mower to move the trailer round my land (seven acres) as it is muddy and I don’t want to use my car and risk getting it stuck, I then had to fix the trailer, jockey wheel was loose and the lighting cable was broken.

I then drove to Whittlesey only 20 minutes away and loaded up the fridge freezer and guttering, then made tea for me, Libby and Sarah, returned home about nine that evening but didn’t empty the trailer, had a drink and watched a bit of TV.

I then didn’t sleep until after midnight on Monday, after playing squash my legs are often tense and I don’t always find it easy to relax and get to sleep, particularly if I’ve subsequently had a fairly active day, a protein shake often helps with the tension in my leg muscles.

I woke up before seven but didn’t rise until after eight. After breakfast I then emptied the trailer and dismantled a weight bench, I got for free off FreeCycle a few years ago and never really used it, but the metal square tubing and weights will hopefully be useful with other projects, specifically I need some weights on the front of my tractor, to keep it on the ground when lifting something heavy on the back.

So at age 53, 54 next month perhaps its not surprising I’m tired and has absolutely nothing to do with M.E.

Regardless of why I am tired today, with the help of ME-Relief and a good nights sleep, at least I know that tomorrow I will be fine again!


On this occasion M.E. appears to have nothing to do with me being tired.


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