Hi Paul,

About a month ago I emailed you asking you about your powder as I was in desperate need of some help with my 16 year old daughter who was diagnosed with CFS. You said that it would probably help her sleep from the first day she took it and that is exactly what happened, I am amazed at the transformation in her since being on the powder. She has regained some of that sparkle that had been missing for months and although we know it is a long road, a lot of the really severe symptoms have already subsided. The pains in her head have disappeared and she can actually concentrate better at school as well as managing to get through a whole day without feeling the need to collapse.
Unfortunately she feels she needs to leave school at the end of this academic year to really get well and my husband and I can see that too, any overly stressed situation however minor sends her into a downward spiral more so that physical activity.

I just wanted to touch base with you and THANK YOU, I said that I would be forever grateful and I am that and more. You have given us hope and a glimpse of that vibrant girl we know will now slowly come back to us.

I also have to tell you that I wasn’t always sure that she herself believed that the powder was responsible for her feeling so good until we went away for a night and she forgot the powder. We accidentally left it on the kitchen counter at home so she missed that nights dose, the next morning and the lunch time dose and by late afternoon while on our way home her symptoms were returning and she fell into a heap. She had never missed a dose up until then so she just didn’t realise how much it was doing. Funny how quickly you forget your symptoms when they aren’t there. She has since only had one day when her muscles were really painful, most of the time any symptoms that she has are a manageable pain.

Your going to think that this sounds silly but I knew out of all the things that I researched on the internet that this powder was going to work, it was something that you wrote in the FAQ’s about Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams. It’s one of my all time favourite films and we as a family often refer to that one sentence when we are passionate about something or really believe in something. It was my sign that this was the product for us and as stupid as that sounds, and as ridiculous as it may actually be I am glad that I trusted it, because look where we are only a month after being at our wits end!!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you so much, I know it has not really been put on the market for kids as such but it does work. She only needs very little, one spoonful for each dose on normal days and up to two spoons on days she isn’t coping!!